Web-Serial: The Red Thread ~ Ep. 2


‘Eat. Pray. Love.’ 

At the moment, I’m just about finding time to do the first of these three things. On top of that, I really need to add read in there somewhere. But I’m not particularly sure where it fits…yet.

Time. It’s something that we all have, and yet all lack. Everyone – and I mean everyone – is obsessed with ‘convenience’, getting things done ‘quickly’, reading something ‘short’, so as to add even more things to that endless ‘To-Do List’. So let’s face it: the idea of reading any Proust is a distant dream right now.

At the end of the day, you need to make time, dedicate time to those things that matter to you, otherwise you’ll just get lost in that labyrinth of unending normality and boredom.

…and this is my long-winded entry into the second episode my web-serial, The Red Thread.

I hope that you are all enjoying it so far. Even for me, the story feels a bit slow, but I really want the characters to come alive, and for us to relate to them. As time goes by, you (should!) enjoy things a lot more!

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I promise to be more online from now on!



Episode 2

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