I’m so, so sorry! This post is LONG overdue. I have various voices in my head telling me that I should have posted something sooner. But these two weeks have been quite hectic and hellish (which isn’t really a valid excuse!). But finding time to write has been relatively hard recently.

Anyway – enough with me. Episode 7.

To those of you familiar with me, you know what to do! Let me know what you think!

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Otherwise, enjoy!

The Red Thread

Episode 7

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Back again! Apologies for the delay! This week has been unbelievably busy shifting around. But I’m finally back, and will (hopefully!!!) be more active over the next few weeks!

So — what you’ve all been waiting for: Episode 6! And I’ve done something ‘interesting’ with it. This episode (and the next few) are written from Emilia‘s perspective, not Mei’s. Hopefully, this episode will be the one that begins to draw things together. There are definitely secrets. There are so many secrets…and there’s very little people can do it about it…!

Just to recall: in the last episode, Mei’s brother, Hiro, had run away from home and showed up on their doorstep, where he spent time with the group. The same evening, Mei walks in on an argument that has exploded between Tristan and Delilah. No one knows what’s going on, and Tristan says nothing about it. But Mei isn’t that concerned. It’s really Emilia that gets the brunt of it…

So, here’s episode 6. Again, please let me know what you think, and if you aren’t already, you can follow me by entering your email address in the left sidebar and on Twitter @tmir92


The Red Thread

Episode 6

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